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  • Kate Yoonseo Kim (Grade 4) Yeoksam

Carnival di Venezia

Have you heard about the famous festival called “Carnevale di Venezia”? It happens every year in Venezia, Italy. It ends after ten days after the festival starts. It first happened a long time ago. There was a war with Aquileia and Venezia. When Venezia won the war in the year 1162, they celebrated their victory. People started to dance and gather. However, under the rule of the Holy Roman Emperor and later King of Austria, Frances II, the festival was outlawed entirely in 1797 and the use of masks became strictly forbidden.

Traditionally people were allowed to wear them between the festival of Santo Stefano and at the start of the Carnival season at midnight. Venetian masks were mostly made of leather, porcelain, and glass. Nowadays, most Italian masks are hand-painted using natural feathers and gems to decorate them with. However, these masks are rather expensive compared to American masks. The law in 1839 forbade Venetians from wearing vulgar disguises and visiting others while masked. The law also prohibited painting one’s face, or even wearing false bears or wigs. Types of masks are the Bauta, Colombina, Medico Della Peste, Moretta, Volto, Pantalone, Arlecchino, and the Zanni. The festival has a competition for the most beautiful mask and costume

. Venetian masks were shown in the movie called “Eyes Wide Shut” and “The Witches’ Sabbath.” Carnevale was in the 2009 video game “Assassin’s Creed II.” Also, Carnevale was put into a 2005 video game, “Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.” This festival “Carnevale di Venezia” happens every year. So in these movies and games, there are beautiful masks and costumes of Carnevale.

I think this festival is the most interesting and the best festival in the entire world! This festival is the festival that Italians and other people really enjoy a lot. In this festival, there is a lot of history and beautiful masks. Also, there are movies and games about it to let people around the world know about it. I hope a lot of people enjoy and celebrate this festival.

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