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Giraffe Facts!

There are many animals in the world. There are many interesting animals, too. I will tell you some interesting facts about the giraffe.

The giraffe has an interesting body. They have long necks. This is so they can reach tasty leaves to eat that might be on a very tall tree. They also have a long tongue, so they move their mouths a lot when they eat. Because of this, giraffes can be funny to watch.

So, how and where do giraffes live? As I told you above, giraffes eat leaves on trees. They are herbivores. This means they only eat plants. We can see giraffes in zoos, but they are from Africa. They mostly live on African savannas.

However, the giraffes are getting even harder to see. There were 140,000 giraffes left in 1999. Now there are 80,000. Their population decreased by 60,000 in 18 years. We should protect them before it decreases even more.

As you can see, giraffes have many interesting aspects. There is more information about them in books or on the internet. They are cool animals, so it will be fun if you find out more about giraffes yourself.

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