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  • Jinmo Lee (Grade 4) Apgujeong

Bug Powder Ice Cream

Do you want to save the world while eating Ice cream? Well, I have the answer. Bug Ice cream! Now, I know you might be grossed out, but listen to me for a little bit more, and you can become better than Superman.

Bug Ice cream is good because you can get rid of annoying bugs you hate. By catching bugs, you also can reduce disease and less people will be ill.

There are simple ingredients. Bugs, sugar, and milk. You can also add anything you like. For example, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, orange, and watermelon.

You can make it by these steps. First, boil the bugs and grind them. Second, mix it with milk and put sugar in it. Third, put it in the freezer and you are done!

Be the hero by eating Bug Ice cream! You can help save the earth by giving an alternative to eating meat which has been proved to contribute to deforestation, pollution, and global warming.

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