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  • Nicole (Grade 5) Ichon Branch

Fried Maple Leaves

When you see some maple leaves falling from trees in the fall, did you ever think about eating them? You can imagine it, but I bet you never tried it. But from now on you can taste maple leaves because I will tell you the recipe of making fried maple leaves!

Gathering the ingredients of fried maple leaves are simple; you need to get some maple leaves. You should only use maples leaves that are on the ground and pick pretty shapes of yellow leaves. You also need one egg, one cup of cold water, one cup of flour and a bowl.

It is not so difficult to make a fried maple leaves. First, you need to wash the leaves very clean if you want to have a clean fried maple leaves to eat. Second, put one egg and one cup of cold water into a bowl. Next put one cup of flour into step two’s mixture and make the dough. Mixed the washed maple leaves to the dough.

Lastly, fry the dough in the oil until the color changes to brown. It’s nice to eat the fried maple leaves alone but I will tell you the best way to eat the fried maple leaves. Pour sweet maple syrup on it and drink with blueberry maple leaf tea! Enjoy it!

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