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  • Chris Kim (Grade 5) Gangnam


Today I want to introduce Smagyetang. Samgyetang is Korean soup with boiled chicken and many vegetables. I chose this dish because it is good for everyone and it tastes wonderful.

Let's start with Samgyetang’s recipe. First, we need some ingredients. We need one chicken, some glutinous rice, ten garlic cloves, two leeks, one onion, pepper powder, fresh ginger or ginger powder, one ginseng, five jujubes, water, and some scallion. First, you have to wash chicken, if you don't want to get a chicken smell you can put a chicken in milk for one to two hours.

Next, put glutinous rice in water for one hour. After, put glutinous rice, garlic, and jujube in the chicken. Then, put the chicken in a pot and pour some water. Add leeks, onion, pepper powder, salt, and ginseng. Boil it for thirty minutes over a high heat and then boil it over a medium heat for one hour. Lastly, put some scallions.

Usually, we eat this dish in summer together with our family because during summer our body is usually tired and gets weaker. So, we eat Smgyetang to protect our weak body, to win against heat we have to eat food that has many calories. In summer, because of the amount of calories we burn, our body gets weak so we have to eat warm food to keep it warm, for that reason we should eat Samgyetan. The heat makes human strength weaker and makes us want to eat food that contains a lot of bacteriophages.

Now I will tell you about benefits of Samgyetang’s ingredients. Chicken is good for digestion and it makes our bone marrow stronger and gives us energy. Also, it contains many proteins and has Amino acid. Chicken wings contain many things that stop aging. Ginseng is good for reducing stress and fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes. Ginseng protects us from heat and also its bitter taste increases our appetite and it is good for recovery from fatigue. Lastly, children can eat just chicken in Samgyetang because while boiling, vegetable's nutrients are kept in chicken, too.

As you can see from the benefits I have listed above, Samgyetang does not only taste wonderful, but it is good for your body, too.

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