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  • Jason Cho (Jamsil)

Visiting the UK

If I ever have time to visit places, I want to visit the United Kingdom, also known as the U.K.

First, there are many places that I would like to go in the U.K. First of all, I would like to visit Big Ben which is located in London. Big Ben is the world’s largest fur-faced chiming clock and it is one of the most popular attraction in London. I would love to go there and learn more about its history and structure.

The second place I would like to go is “Harry Potter studio”. This is a place where the movie, Harry Potter was filmed and I am really interested to learn about the use of CG in the movie, because there are a lot of creatures and magical scenes shown in the movie. Also, there is a place called “Doctor Who Experience”. It’s one of the most interesting place to visit because “Doctor Who” is my favorite TV series. At this place, you can see all the characters, props and costumes which were shown in the TV program.

Another place I would love to visit is Stonehenge. There are eighty rocks and it is 8 meters tall. One stone weighs about 50 tons. I want to see how huge it is with my own eyes.

After visiting these places, I would love to experience the U.K. food. The food people eat in this country are very ordinary and quite similar to the meals people eat in America. However, I think this typical food will be savory and modern which I would love to try one day.

There are modern food such as toast, bacon, fish and many more. These food are very similar to breakfast menu I eat daily. There are more food that are extremely tasty such as roasted beef, roasted potato and many more. The most popular food include fish and chips, and English breakfast with fried eggs. I think all of these would taste amazing and I would love to try them all.

Finally, looking into the country’s traditional clothing will be very interesting. Traditional clothing can be divided into Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. First of all, Irish men wore a very large linen shirt, called a leine. Women wore a long dress, often laced up the front, and an unusual headdress composed of a roll of linen. Whereas in Scotland, people wore Highland dresses which include a knit or trews. The traditional clothes in England include neckerchief, coat, aprons, and knitted stockings. Women in England wear dresses formed by bed gown and wool dress.

In conclusion, after I researched and wrote an essay about the United Kingdom, I became more eager to visit this country. Visiting all those places, trying out different food and traditional clothes will be fun and exciting experience. If I ever get a chance to go there, I would love to travel with my cousins.

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