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  • Jenny (Grade 7) Ichon Branch


Millions of people around the world watch TV programs. A long time ago people watched programs on TV, after the smartphone came out, broadcasting was developed and it diversified. Now we can upload videos on the Internet. We have many Internet websites like Youtube, Africa TV, and Kakao TV, which we can use to watch TV programs and user created content.

Youtube is the most iconic of these platforms.We call a person who streams on Youtube a Youtuber. If you become a youtuber, you can earn money, and you can do it as your job. If your video has many views, you will get money from Youtube, and if you become a popular youtuber like Pewdie Pie or Pentatonix, sponsors want to place advertisements on your videos, and you can get money from sponsors. We can also promote causes on Youtube, we can share and get information from youtube such as food recipes, travel tips, DIY instructions, and life hacks just to name a few.

Being a youtuber also has its problems as a job because youtubers can suffer from bad comments.More people are making reckless and dangerous videos to increase views. One such example is a youtuber who jumped off a roof, and another who kept streaming without any breaks for almost 48 hours.

If kids watch and copy them, it could lead to a tragic accident. Youtubers also suffer from stalkers who intrude on their privacy.I love Youtube, and have a few favorite youtubers to get much information from them. However, lots of youtubers make dangerous and reckless videos, so I hope many youtubers make their videos for good purposes only in the future. Thank you for reading this.

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