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  • Kyumin (Grade 5) Apgujeong

A Great Sport Called Curling

Do you know how to play Curling? You’ll probably say “Yes”. Then have you ever played it? You’ll probably say “No” I agree, because Curling isn’t a sport that you can play easily like football or basketball. But many people still like Curling even though they never played it before. Now, let me introduce you to the world of Curling.

Curling was invented in Scotland in the 16소century. The first club in Scotland is called Kinross club/ Then Curling stared becoming popular in North America. The first club in North America was established in Canada. It was Royal Montreal club made in 1826. The second oldest club in North America is in USA made in 1830. Then it spread to Switzerland and Sweden. Today, Brazil, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, Korea and all countries in Europe play Curling. The first championship was hosted in Scotland in 1954. Canada won it. 1998 Olympic was the first-time curling was involved in Olympic. Brittan won it.

Next, how do we play curling? Curling is a sport played by two teams. Each team has 4 players. You slide a stone in a sheet of ice towards the target area. Your aim is to put your stone closest to the target area. You have 8 stones in a set. Whoever gets the highest score wins.

Curling is a sport that you need a lot of team work. When someone slide their stone, the team leader orders their team if they should swipe the ice or just leave it. It makes huge difference because if you swipe, you can put you stone 4m further than whey you didn’t. You can also hit other team’s stone and knock it out, but it only works if everyone in the team work together.

Finally, I’ll introduce few famous curling players. Thomas Lovold is from Norway and have won 2002 Championship .John Morris is from Canada and won 2010 Olympic. Garam Schlafar is from Switzerland and won 2007 European ship.

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