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  • Alice Kim (Ichon)

History of the Korean War

I am going to explain about North and South Korea’s histories regarding the effects of the war.

I think Korea’s history is very complicated and sad.

First, I will introduce about the history.

At 1904, there was a war between Russia and Japan. Japan won the war and that’s when the Japanese colonial period started and it lasted for thirty-five years from 1910 to 1945 but because of the independence movement, Japan lost in the second world war and Korea became finally independent in 1945.

After the independence, the joint of Soviet-American commission tried to help Korea but there was a difference between their idea, so Korea was divided to North and South.

Even though, USA, UK and Soviet held a conference in Moscow, the ideas were still different.

So Korea was divided and Seung Man Lee said, South Korea needs a government while Gu Kim worried about the division and met Il Sung Kim, South Korea held the general election on 10th of May 1948. As the result of this, North and South Korea made separated governments.

After a few years later, North Korea’s army attacked South Korea on 25th of June 1950 and China helped North Korea but UN helped South Korea. Finally, the Korean war was paused in 1953.

After this war, there was a hard time in South and North Korea and is still divided.

However, now there is a mood of peace between two parts and the leader of South is trying hard to make it something better.

This is North and South Korea’s histories and I think we can be unified someday soon.

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