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  • Lucy (grade 4) Ichon

The Two Koreas

Do you know about the ‘two’ Korean history? We had a big war that made our future change. Before 1950, it was a peaceful country, but the communism invaded South Korea on 25th of June at dawn. The communism had guns, knives and invaded to South Korea. That was when the Korean war started.

During the Korean war, many countries including the U.S. helped South Korea and China and the Soviet Union helped North Korea. Almost two million soldiers suffered and also over one million people lost their lives while the politicians were just fighting for their beliefs.

After the war, the image of North Korea and South Korea was damaged and both countries has been separated so far with two different ideologies. South Korea’s policy was democratic and everyone tried to help each other and stood up together.

On the contrary, North Korea is communism and the leader always controls everything and takes all the money. So there are many poor people and the living condition is getting worse and worse.

However, these two governments made an effort of unification and finally the two leaders hugged each other before the peace talks in Singapore last June.

I think we should get unified because there are many benefits such as helping people meet their family and developing new business environment and it will bring more visitors to Korea.

I hope to have fun with kids from North Korea and we can help for unification of our country.

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