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  • Gloria (Jangan)

A Red-Eye Girl

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom with one queen ruling it. People in the kingdom loved the queen and the queen loved her people. They kept telling her that she was the best queen ever and praised her all the time. The queen was spoiled and she was living in an imaginary bubble, but her country was suffering from hunger and violence.

In the country, fights were breaking out everywhere, stealing was a regular sight. People were usually too scared to help others out and there was also a nefarious crowd cheering aside. These wicked people were from a secret underworld on the edge of the country. The only rule down here is ‘The weak are the prey of the strong’. People here detested the queen and everything about the kingdom. Their boiling hatred was a finger away from surfacing.

Until one day, a fierce girl was born very special has changed the history forever... The girl had very unique eye color. Everyone in town thought she was a bad omen because of her red eyes. Even her parents thought so, too. She was a lonely girl who wanted someone to like her. She always tried to please others to receive love, but nobody wanted to be affiliated with her because of the rumor. She decided to run away to the underworld…

It has been quite some time and she has heard a lot about the queen. She became uncontrollably jealous of everything the queen had. So she schemed to make the queen like her and get her crown someday.

A month later, she successfully sat on the thrown and threw the queen deep into the dungeon. The girl became the queen after all. She summoned the people from the underworld to be by her side and they praised her like a real queen. But, something didn’t feel so right. She felt like there was a big hole in her heart and it was only getting bigger each day. She has fulfilled her only wish to be acknowledged by many, but now she realized this wasn’t what she really hoped for. She wanted to be loved but she was slowly drowning in loneliness. She decided to leave the kingdom behind and started her journey to experience the life that she truly longed for…

The End

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