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  • Sun Whang (G4) Apgujeong

The Functions of a Radiator

Do you know what a radiator is? A radiator is a metal (or plastic) device that can cool down, or warm up the room. Now, I will show what a radiator is, how it moves, and how it gave people a better life.

A radiator is a heat-making system. It is used to heat up buildings in the cold weather. Hot water or steam goes inside the radiator, and then a boiler lets the hot air out.

When a radiator moves, first, if we push the button, a special liquid, water, or sometimes steam is pushed out of the heating system, and it is gathered in a central boiler. Then the boiler pumps out the hot steam. It makes something warm. The heating radiator is a common type of heating radiators, but often you could see the radiator in a car as well. This radiator is not for heating. It is for cooling. To cool the engine, a special type of gas goes into the device that has cylinders. The gas absorbs the heat, and makes engine cool. The engine would be cooler, but the heated-up gas goes to a small tank. If the tank gets full, the hot gas goes into tubes, and it is released to the air.

Because of radiators, we, humans are living a better life. People used to die in the cold winters, but now there are less people dying. If we didn’t have radiators, we would have been living in a cold weather. Also, the cars would explode a lot, causing many dangers. But thanks to the radiators, we will not have these dangers, anymore.

Radiators are important machines. We need them to drive a car safely, to play in the winters, and to survive winter. I hope that we will make better radiators in the future

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