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  • Kevin Cho (G6) Gangnam Branch

The Ghost Train

There was a normal school boy named Kevin. He was just like other children. When it was time for dinner, he saw a news about a strange ghost train. It was said to be in operation at 12 o’clock, midnight. The terrible thing was, anyone who got on that strange train never came back.

At first, he tried to laugh it off. Unluckily, he faced a problem after finishing his academy lately on the next day. After finishing Paedeaplus at 11:30, he was sleepy. He imagined that he would be scolded by his mom because he came home late. When it was 11:55, all of the lights on the street turned off. The fog thickened and the air around Kevin suddenly became colder and colder. Suddenly, he heard a terrible noise. As the fog disappeared, the train that he saw on the news appeared in front of his eyes.

The train stopped next to him. The door was opened. He was terrified, but he was curious. He went inside the train and the time was 12:00. It was outstanding inside the ghost train. There was delicious food and expensive electronics. He ate the foods and they were great.

He felt sleepy after eating the delicious food. He fell asleep. When he woke up, he spent so much time in the strange train. When he wanted to go out, the door was locked. He couldn’t open it. Suddenly, a siren rang, and the door to the cockpit was opened.

He was curious again when he saw the opened door, so he went inside. There, he saw an engineer turning the handle. When he saw the engineer’s face, he gasped. It was a skeleton. The skeleton engineer sensed the presence of a person, and he walked slowly toward Kevin.

Kevin dashed to the place where he ate food. Unfortunately, all of the foods were changed to skulls, and the electronics became stones. If a person stays in the ghost train for more than two hours, they would turn into stone. Kevin already spent an hour and fifty-five minutes in the train. After five minutes, he would change to stone too.

Kevin ran around the train. Skeletons and spiders were chasing him. He tripped and fell. Then, he saw a red button under the old carpet. It was a button that stops the train and changes everything back to normal. He did not know anything, so he pressed the button hard with his hands.

He pressed the button a second before he hit the two hours mark. There was a big flash, and everything returned to normal. When he opened his eyes, it was home. He was scolded by his family, and after that, he wrote a diary.

When Kevin became an adult, he found the diary. It was the diary that he wrote after he escaped from the ghost train. He wrote a fiction book about it and it became a big hit.

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