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  • Ollie Kim (G5) Jangan Branch

Animals Are Capable of Feeling

There are so many people who think they can hit and kill animals. However, I strongly disagree with them. Animals are living things that can think and have feelings too. Unfortunately nowadays abundant animals are being abused by many people in Korea.

Even today, I saw a news article about a man pouring a glass of boiling water on his dog. I was shocked that anyone would do such a horrible thing to their own dog. However, shockingly, there is no animal protection law in China, so the man was released. I can’t imagine how painful that must have been for the poor dog.

Sadly, there are so many similar cases around the world. Also, there are so many countries like China. So, as a pet owner of two cats, I argue that animals should be treated equally.

When a Korean kills a puppy, they need to pay 20 million won. But in America, they will be imprisoned for five years. I hope Korean government puts better and secure laws into effect for animal protection.

First, they need to fix their prejudice against animals that people are superior to animals. They need to consider animals as living things, instead of objects.

Second, there must be some changes in the laws. The laws should be fair to animals as well as protecting their well-being.

Although the protection is important, in my opinion, the most important thing is our genuine love and care for the animals. We should try our best to protect their habitat and let them live freely in the wild.

Animals deserve freedom, happiness, and protection as much as humans do. I hope more laws are created to protect animal rights in the future.

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