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  • Amber Joo (G6) Gangnam Branch

My Summer Vacation

In summer vacation, we do lots of things. We play, rest, visit a place or we do our homework. I also did lots of things during my vacation. What did you do during summer vacation?

I visited another country. My mom, sisters, grandma, and I went to Boracay. Boracay is an island in the Philippines. At there, we para-sailed. It was a little slow, but the sky was beautiful. Also, we snorkeled. We saw lots of fishes. I took a lot of photos on the beach. I ate lots of mangoes too.

I rested at home. I watched YouTube at home. Also, I played games. My friend was busy during vacation, so I had to play alone. I watched YouTube, but mostly I slept. I really slept a lot. One day, I almost slept for one whole day. Also, I did my vacation homework. Homework wasn’t too many, so it was easy to finish.

I played at a stream too. My sister and I made a water slide for a plastic bottle. First, we made a water slide with rocks and pebbles. Then, we tested it with a plastic bottle. Then, we tried to catch some little fishes. However, the fishes were too small. We could not catch them. Also, we had a contest named “who stays longer in the water.”

My summer vacation was awesome. My family played a lot and made good memories. Especially, the trip to Boracay was fantastic. My vacation was fun. Also, I wish winter vacation to be as fun as summer vacation.

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