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  • Claire Yang (Yeoksam)

My Awesome Summer Vacation

Everyone wants to spend their vacation perfectly. Even if vacation lasts for only one month, I spent my whole vacation like it was an adventure. I will introduce what I did during my vacation. It was a special vacation that I will never forget.

The first special thing I did during my summer vacation was I went to Danang in Vietnam. Danang was a fantastic place to play and eat at. We went to Bana hill and crossed an enormous golden bridge.

We even played at a theme park. When we finished our schedule for the day, my dad and I swam at the hotel swimming pool. It was on a rooftop, so we could look at the beach! On the fourth day in Danang, I wore Vietnam’s traditional clothes called “abodai” and went to Hoian. I rode a coconut boat with my mom and at famous mango bingsu. It was so soft and sweet. I think Vietnam was a great place to visit during summer vacation.

Second, I took swimming lessons. The wonderful thing about vacation is that I could take whatever lesson I wanted. I practiced freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and frog. I studied more about butterfly, and tried to do better. Because I practiced continuously, I swam better and better than the last lesson. Now, I think I am pretty good at swimming because I practiced so diligently.

The last special thing that I did during my vacation was I went to a camp that our school orchestra sponsored. During the camp, we practiced songs like Prince Ali, Speechless, Traviata, and Iron Man. We practiced again and again, and our orchestra improved a lot. Then, on the third day of our camp, we performed in front of our parents. I was nervous and worried. I kept thinking, “What if I make a big mistake?” But our orchestra did a perfect job!

My summer vacation was as perfect as it could be. I did something I enjoyed, I ate what I wanted, and I even went to a special place with my family. Now that you know that I spent my vacation wonderfully, I want to ask you one question: “How was your summer vacation?”

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