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  • Jenna Yoo (G5) Apgujeong Branch

The Concerns in My Life

In modern days, students are being painted. Some of them white, and some of them black.

The first paint is 'study'. Firstly, I'll introduce black 'study' paint. These days, students have too much studying to do. In my case, I have 9 academies, and 4 physical education & music lessons.

Students should have enough education, but today's training isn't keeping the line. This paint paints students black in health. If students study too hard, they can't get enough time to rest, and this concerns their physical health. Also, students get stressed, and this concerns their mental health. Now, I'll introduce white 'study' paint. If students study hard now, they can have a nice life when they become an adult. They will have a profitable education for all the tests, and can achieve their goal.

The second paint is 'health'. The black 'health' paint is made by studying, overweight, stress, and addiction. As I mentioned earlier, too much studying affects students' health. These days, fast foods have improved. Students eat unhealthy food like them and also overeat. These causes overweight. Besides, mental health might be damaged by game addiction, etc. White 'health' paint is made with healthy food and charges energy. Also, exercises help them to be more fit.

Last paint is 'relationship'. Black 'relationship' paint is made by alienation, bad friends, and conflict between families. During these days, some kids make fake rumors and spread them. Also, they alienate their best friends. Plus, kids have a conflict with parents because of studying, etc. Also, they fight with brothers or sisters. These relationships can concern students. White 'relationship' goes hand in hand with black one. These are made when people act differently.

Study, health, and relationship are the paints that paint students these days. They concern them in bad ways, but also in good ways.

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