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  • Judy Shin (G6) Ichon Branch

My Kids Must Be Better Than Me!

Do you think you will have a kid? Do you think you could take good care of your baby? Do you think your kid will grow up to be a good man or a woman? Basically, I am scared of being a mom and having a baby, but if I do, I will try what I have thought about. First, I think humans feel very happy to see babies especially when they have their own babies.If you want to have a baby with your DNA and blood, you can give birth, but if you are afraid or not available, you can also adopt kids. If I have a chance, I want to adopt two kids. One girl and one boy, not to be alone and bored. Second, parents need to take good care of their babies with love and attention. For example, now I am busy to study, so I do not have enough time to take care of other things, but I want my kids to be stressed out from their homework or exams. So, I would rather allow my kids to have fun with family and friends so they can feel love and affection. Lastly, the most important thing for my kids is their future lives and occupations.

I think many parents want their kids to be rich and stable because if they have good jobs and earn enough money, they can go through hardships and lead better lives. I hope my kids find what they like and try it for their future.

There is no one that says caring for kids is easy, but we do not know how blessed we are until we have our own family. How about saying thank you to your parents and grandparents today?

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