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  • Claire Yang (Yeoksam)

[Best Book Review] Hamlet

Hamlet, Denmark’s prince, was in grief about his father, the king of Denmark’s death. After his father died, his uncle became the new king. One day, Hamlet heard that a ghost would appear at midnight. He met the ghost and recognized the ghost as his father, and he learned his father was killed by his uncle. He started to plan his revenge. So after that, he pretended to be mad. He wanted to make sure his uncle really killed his father. To do that, he ordered to act out a play about an assassinated king in front of the king. His uncle was struck with dismay when he watched the play.

After the play Hamlet tried to kill the king but he accidentally killed the father of Ophelia, the father of his love. When Ophelia knew that, she went mad and drowned in the pond. Laertes, who was Ophelia’s brother, tried to get revenge on Hamlet. He suggested a fencing match against Hamlet to kill him. In the fencing match, they killed each other, but before Laertes died he told Hamlet about the king’s plan to kill Hamlet.

So at the last moment before he died, Hamlet killed the king for revenge. I think if Hamlet got proof that his uncle killed his father and told everyone about it, the king would pay for it with his life. Revenge kept as a secret only makes innocent people die.

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