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The Country I would Like to Visit

Where will you go if you have a chance to go to any country? If I were you, I would go to Australia. I went there three years ago, but I want to go there again and do more things. There are a lot of amazing views of nature, unique foods, and fascinating animals in Australia.

First, I would like to see some landmarks. The most famous and well-known man-made landmark is the Opera House. It took 10,000 workers to build it in 14 years. There are more than 1 million tiles on the roof. I would take a picture of the Opera House again at night. Also, I would like to go to the Great Barrier Reef. Its length is 3,000 km off the Queensland Coast, and it has 400 different coral reefs and 1,500 species of fish. They are very colorful, too. I would be excited to see these colorful reefs and I would take pictures of them.

Second, I would like to eat Pavlova and kangaroo meat because these foods look interesting. Kangaroo meat looks like ordinary meat, but it is becoming more popular because this melt contains 2% fat and high protein. So I want to try this food to taste what it’s like. There are also environmental benefits, such as low production of methane and no additional land is needed for it. Also, Pavlova looks like cake that has fruits on it. When I first saw a picture of Pavlova, I wanted to try it because it looked delicious. This food is sweet frosted dessert decorated with fruits and whipped cream.

Lastly, there are animals that I want to see. These animals are Quokkas and Thorny Devil Dragons. Thorny Devil Dragons are lizards that are 20 cm in length and covered with spikes. They are yellow and red in hot weather and in cold weather, they change to olive brown. They eat thousands of black ants in a day. Quokkas are from a family of kangaroos and have pouches in their abdomens for carrying their babies. Their bodies are 40 cm – 50 cm long and their tails are 22 cm – 30 cm long. They weigh 2 kg – 4 kg. They live in Rottnest Island. They are called the happiest animals on Earth, but they aren’t really smiling. When they get hot, they open their mouth to pant and this looks like they’re smiling. They are small and round, which makes them cute. But when they are threatened by predators. They throw their babies out of their pouches to distract the predators and run away to save themselves. It would be very fun and interesting to see them. I would like to take pictures with them.

These are the reasons why I want to visit Australia again. I would like to do these things – visit more landmarks, eat unique foods, and see interesting animals. It would be very fun to see animals and nature and eat foods there.

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