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  • Jay Kim (G7) Ichon Branch

Baseball Never Dies

Baseball’s true highlight is not in the game, but it is more for the fans’ supporting. Every game in every season is very competitive. Fans are desperately waiting for the opening of a new season. In Korea Baseball K-league opens in March. However, there is a huge problem that is obstructing the 2020 season. It is called ‘Covid-19’. Let’s see how the covid-19 affects the fans’ life and how we are going to get out of the problem.

Since the covid-19 got worse and worse, many sports league stopped or even ended including baseball. Fans are disappointed about it and the only thing they can do is to wait until the covid-19 ends and the new season starts. They cannot go outside as usual and cannot watch the baseball league. In KBO (Korea Baseball Organization), they are trying hard to have practice matches and the first game began on April 21st without an audience. About 120 thousand people visited the search engine ‘NAVER’ to watch the game and this shows us that baseball fans in Korea desperately hoping for the new season to open.

Usually, fans visit the ground in spring the most because of the nice weather outside. However, due to covid-19, the opening-day was postponed, and the league will be continued without an audience. Originally, KBO’s revenue is in multi-million dollar but since covid-19 seems to last for a while, we will have to see how the practice matches without an audience affect the revenue and when is a good time to open the new season from now on.

Even though people cannot go to see a baseball game to the stadium, fans are still supporting, and hoping for the covid-19 to end soon. Also, KBO is suggesting some ideas to have matches without an audience or decrease season.

If we advance Korean baseball system step by step toward the future, fans will be able to support their teams without physically attending games and will not worry about covid-19 or any other issues from this moment on.

I hope this sport with so much history and culture revolving around will not end due to a virus like covid-19.

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