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  • Jenna Ryu (G6) Apgujeong

Seeing Yourself From the Others’ Perspective

Have you imagined how other people look at you? Aren’t you curious? From now on, I’ll pretend I can observe ‘Jenna Yoo’ from others’ perspectives.

First of all, let’s observe from my mother’s perspective. She is worried about me – she realizes that I don’t obey her words most of the time, especially these days. She wants me to obey her instead of disobeying. Also, she wants me to have more curiosity in things, and have some determination. However, I can also see that she is relieved – I look happy enough. She thinks I’m a not – so – bad daughter, but also not – perfect.

Next, let’s look from my sister’s perspective. She wants me to be interested in educational things – she notices I don’t like to study at all, so she is also worried. I’m able to see that she thinks I look happy enough. She thinks I’m a not – so – bad sister to have, but also not – perfect. I realize that her perspective is almost similar to mother’s.

Lastly, let’s look from my friends’ perspective. They assume that I’m a calm, quiet kid. However, after a while, they realized I’m not. Plus, they realized that I have enough wackiness, and clumsiness, too. Soon, they noticed that I could do many things, such as playing musical instruments, but not very good at one specific thing.

To conclude, after observing ‘Jenna Yoo’ from other people’s perspective, I realized that I’m not – so – bad, but also not perfect. If I could, maybe I’ll try to become better!

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