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  • Grace Kim (G6) Daechi Branch

Going to the End of the Rainbow

When I was five, I went out to the zoo inside of my house to watch the rainbow with mom, dad, and the servants. It was the first time I’d ever seen a rainbow, so my mom wanted to take a picture of me, mom, dad, and the rainbow. Dad kept the picture in our family album, which changes my life 25 years later.

My parents died and they didn’t give me any money, but I was not upset about it. I had a large house and the third largest company in the world. I thought it will be good to have all those things, but normal people say that I’m too mean, for not donating to the charity or for kicking people out of my apartments if they don’t have money. I was looking at the album, which was one of my parent’s inheritance. I was flipping through the pages and found the picture with the rainbow. I was feeling weird and maybe this was the feeling called “excitement”. For the first time, I was excited, so I decided to find what was at the end of the rainbow.

“You guys will be separated into three groups, A, B, and C.”, “I said when the servants were all in my room. “Ten in the first row will be group A, second will be group B, and third will be group C. Group A will find where the rainbow is and see how long it will take to get there. After group A’s calculation ends, B and C will go to it and get whatever is at the end of it and take it. Understand? Thank you.” I told them as fast as I could, and I assumed all of them understood this.

Group B and C prepared when they heard where the rainbow was, they started the journey in a minute, and I was watching television when my phone rang. “Because of the lightning, all of the servants who went to the rainbow are all dead.” one of the servants said, as I picked up the phone.

“I’ll go to the control tower and call group A, too,” I said as I hung up. I was going to the place where the servants got hit by the lightning. It was weird because the weather was wonderful. When we almost arrived, a meteor crashed and the jet plummeted, and I lost consciousness for an hour. When I woke up, I was in a mountain staring at three jets. Two of them were for B and C, the last one was the one that I rode here. Where I rummaged the jets, I found a survival backpack, a compass, and a big backpack for possible treasure. There was a map too, and according to the map, I was only 2 Km away from the rainbow. So, I put the meteor in the bag and hiked up. I couldn’t move well. The slope was not that steep, but it took me six hours to go up to the weird cloud which I could stand on, and I saw.. nothing?!

A voice said, “Hello, you are the first person who ever tried and succeeded coming here to the rainbow.” A man with a pot and a weird-looking horse appeared. “I didn’t know that there would be an idiot who dresses like an elf and makes a horse like a doll,” I said to myself, but I thought the man heard it.

“I’m a leprechaun and this is my pet unicorn, it doesn’t matter if you know us or not. Will you get my gold and the unicorn or…” he stopped.

The Leprechaun seemed suspicious of giving the unicorn and gold bat. I said, “Of course I’ll get it.” When I shouldn’t have. “I’ll wish you’ll use it in a good way. Bye.” Said the leprechaun and disappeared.

When I was going back with all the gold, riding on a flying unicorn, I went straight to bed when I came back. When I woke up, I was in a hospital, and the doctor said I was in a building which was falling, and I got hit by one of the bricks, so I came here. I slept again and, in the dream, the Leprechaun said,” What’s in your pocket?’ When I checked there was a note. The note said.

As I finished the note, I ran out to the police office and asked “What’s the largest company in the world? Is it in our country?” “No. If you’re here because of some kind of crime, write your name and phone number please.” Said the police officer not looking at me. I didn’t remember my name, so I ran out and stared at the sunset. “Maybe, I should prepare for another trip to the rainbow.”

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