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  • Kate Han (Bangbae)

My Season-Changing Fantasy Theme Park

Today, I am going to talk about what I will do if I can build my own theme park. I think I will build a season-changing fantasy theme park because I like the colors that symbolize each season. For example, the color of spring can be pink.

What will I do with the theme park? First of all, I want the workers to wear a make-up to be like elves or fairies because it’s also a fantasy theme park. I also want them to act happily and joyfully toward the customers.

Now I’m done thinking about what I want the workers to do, so I’m going to talk about how I will design the inside of my theme park. I want to separate the inner parts and have different activities depending on the things that symbolize each season. For example, I want the customers to make blossom meringue cookies and feed the bunnies in the spring part of the park. In the summer section, I want them to make ice cream and have a great time in the water park by fishing. I think it would be cool to make pancakes with maple syrup and eat them with milk in the autumn section. Last of all, let’s watch a movie about winter and have a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows in the winter section.

There is one more thing to do for a perfect theme park. What would I sell? People will come again if I sell fantastic things at my park. I want to sell stuffed animals like bunnies and sheep. I also want to sell pencils and pens decorated with butterflies and birds. Oh, I think it would be cute if I sell pajamas with animals or flowers too! It would be so interesting if I sell ice cream or waffles for snacks.

I think everybody will be proud of me for my wonderful ideas on building a theme park. I’m so surprised that I can think of marvelous ideas just like the other famous people! I wish there would be a real theme park exactly like what I want. I think I would go there every time! What do you think?

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