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  • Sue Kim (G6) Jangan Branch

Disadvantages of Technology

Do you like technology to develop rapidly? Well, I don’t. Nowadays, we are living comfortably with developed technology. But, what will happen if technology stops developing? Nothing will change and it will be okay because we are already adapted. However, technology doesn’t stop developing, technology keeps on developing. I am a bit scared that developed technology will cause damage to our life. There are positive effects which will help us live a more comfortable life. Although it will make our life convenient, it can cause bad things, too. So, I think we need to be careful if technology develops too fast.

First, smartphone addiction will increase. Even now, there are lots of people who are smartphone addicts. But, if the addiction numbers increase rapidly, it will get out of control. Smartphones have a lot of applications and games to play, and the amount of them will get bigger. Therefore, people using apps will increase, too; some of them will get to the addiction level. Also, I am worried about students like me. Students use their cell phone for a very long time; the majority of students use their phones while walking, including when they are crossing the crosswalk. In addition, students don’t play together that much nowadays, instead, they use their phones alone or they meet their friends online, not to mention that they keep using their phones when they meet to play, too. Once you start playing phone games you stick to them and play hours; honestly it is hard to get out of. Students don’t talk to each other that often either, they chat through messaging applications such as Kakao Talk. This will make students less sociable. Phones distract students from their studies, they can’t concentrate during class because they keep thinking or using phones or games that they want to play at the moment. Such behavior will cause a negative effect on students’ grades. There might also be students who’ll just give up studying.

Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence, AI, can take away our jobs. If artificial intelligence develops more, along with technology, it might take over the world. Robots can be better than a person in some areas. However, robots don’t have emotions or feelings, so they cannot do jobs that are connected to them. On the other hand, robots are better than humans in a diverse category. They can calculate faster, memorize things quickly, and they are more delicate, not to mention that they are sustainable. If people input the information to their heads, they wouldn’t be able to memorize it forever. In a few years, two million jobs will disappear and new jobs will appear; jobs that AI can replace people for. People should learn new subjects and skills that a robot can’t do.

On the other hand, our environment is way too polluted. As technology is developing, nature is being destroyed by exhaust from cars, factories, garbage incinerators, between others. After using briquette, CO₂ increases and Earth’s Ozone Layer is affected. People are trying to reduce bad gas and make a cleaner environment. Yet, in the process of making a cleaner environment, the environment is getting dirtier, this is because they are using electronics. Nature can be destroyed easily, but it takes a long time to restore. We have to protect nature. If nature is destroyed to a point we can’t restore, then animals, plants, and all the living things, including people, can lose their habitat. If the ecosystem collapses, many lives will be lost. The endangered animals will overflow until beyond our control. If this situation continues maybe in a few hundred years, humanity will be extinct.

Next, our personal information might be leaked. People started using the internet for research, shopping, or banking. The more they use it, the more they have to enter to other internet communities. Phone numbers, names, gender, and sometimes addresses are needed as basic information. A community that needs the number of a person has the potential for the personal information to be leaked; which is very dangerous. People should always be careful. Personal information is for only one and only one person. So, it is very important and valuable. As technology develops, the more fishing scammers appear. Voice fishing is an example when someone wants to trick anyone to get their personal information.

Lastly, weapons harm people. Weapons that are developed too much can and will harm people at one extent. People create scary weapons like a nuclear bomb or an atom bomb. These cause lots of problems if they explode. If a war is to happen, Earth might have from starch, again. Most of the people will die, animals, and other livings beings included. People will start learning everything from the beginning, how to survive, or how to make a fire. They will keep improving and learning many things. In addition, not only bombs can cause damage, but the game guns for kids can damage, too. For example BB guns, this hurts a lot if it hits the body, sometimes we can even get bruises. The BB guns’ quality has developed a lot. So, if they use it carelessly they can cause serious problems.

Now you might think technology advances are not only positive right? People should think “What will happen if...” I want people to know that improving technology is not the only factor that we need to develop and think about for our country. People should also realize that we need to be careful. I think about a future to help make humanity better, the more we think about it, the more the country will develop and learn. If the technology develops the smartphone addiction will increase, AI could take over, the environment will be destroyed, personal information will be leaked, and weapons will harm people. We have to follow how the world changes and adapt ourselves to new environments. It is not bad to develop; it is just something that we have to be careful about.

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