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  • Kevin Han (G6) Bangbae

An Amazing Trip to Saipan

Saipan is very popular for its clean beaches and convenient facilities for tourists. In Saipan, we can enjoy the bustling places as well as nature. After my trip to Saipan a few years ago, I realized there are many kinds of things to do and enjoy in Saipan. So, I think Saipan is one of the best places to visit.

First, there are many tourist attractions. Such as Managaha Island and Pau Pau Beach, there are many places for tourists to enjoy their trip. Managaha Island is popular for its clean water. When my family and I went there, we had to ride a boat to get there. When we arrived, I could see the fish swimming in the transparent water. It was very clean and fresh, so I swam and snorkeled there. I could see a lot of fish in the water while snorkeling. It was very memorable because it’s very hard to experience things like that in Korea.

Also, there are many souvenir shops and shopping centers. ‘I Love Saipan’ is the biggest souvenir shop in Saipan. It’s easy to recognize it just by looking at the entrance because of its wooden deck and colorful decorations. When I entered the store, I encountered many shopping corners. There were keyrings, swimsuits, magnets, and toys. I think their products are very effective in advertising that Saipan is a good place to visit because all of them describe the features of Saipan very well.

Last, there are many good food places in Saipan. And the best place for me was Himawari supermarket. It is in the same building as the Himawari Hotel. It sells Japanese-packed lunch boxes and Asian foods. In my case, we went there and bought packed lunches when we were going to the beach. I enjoyed it because all of the food was very fresh, and I was glad to see Asian food there.

As how I’ve introduced my trip, there are many things to do and experience in Saipan. There are many fine forests, beaches, and places for tourists. I strongly recommend Saipan and the places I went to during my trip. If I get another chance to travel abroad, I will definitely choose Saipan.


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