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  • Katie Lee (G5) Bangbae Branch


As technology gets better and better, the number of people using becomes larger. Among many advancements, robotics is becoming a great issue to many people. Robotics is a technology people use to order the robots to do some things. Also, they can help people to work on more difficult tasks. But this technology has its positives and negatives.

The benefits of having advanced robotics are that it can reduce people’s work and help to better a country’s economy by robots doing work that is repetitive. And they can do almost anything! For example, making computer chips can be hard for people but easy for robots. People can ask them to do their work. Also, these machines can quickly understand their tasks, and they don’t have to learn them. If people use robots properly, they can be very effective.

On explaining the negatives, robots can discourage people from using their abilities. For example, AlphaGo towered over people’s ability of playing “Go.” And with this technology, the machines could control people and make them lose their jobs. Also, robots can understand the job but can’t think and feel. Because of this, they can’t write some things by thinking or feel sympathetic and kind to people. For instance, when a person is sad, he needs someone to cheer him up. But robots cannot do this kind of work.

Robotics is frequently used in our lives. A machine I like the most is a roller coaster. Because of this new technology, this machine becomes faster and more exciting. Second, when vacuum cleaners and robotics become one, it is called a robot vacuum cleaner. This is also made after the development of robotics, and it has a sensor so it can clean the house well by itself. Finally, toy robots are used for children to play. Also, one can find them in museums. They can move fast or dance.

Explaining the robots’ positives and negatives will help people to make a better choice when they want to use this technology. Robots can be good because they help people to do work. But they can also be bad because people can become too comfortable. So, think carefully before you buy a robot in the future.


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