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  • Won Lee (G5) Bangbae


There are many kinds of sports in the world. And for some sports, people prefer playing them in specific seasons. In summer, there are swimming and canoeing. And for winter, there is snowboarding and skiing. But among various sports, I believe that skiing is a truly extraordinary sport.

Skiing is a sport that has a very long history. Skiing was invented in Russia a few hundred years ago. The reason modern people know where it was invented is because an artifact that looks very similar to a ski stick was found in Russia. After decades since the sport was first invented, the first skiing competition was held in Switzerland. Afterward, skiing was held as a Nordic game at the first Winter Olympics. Then, in 1936, skiing finally became one of the Alpine games. Even though centuries have passed since the invention of skiing, it is still popular for both professionals and beginners.

There are many techniques one can learn to enjoy skiing. Some are for beginners, and others are for professionals. The simplest technique is called “Pflug Bogen.” To play the sport in this way, you must follow these steps. First, you move your legs to make the ski sticks look like an “A.” Then, move your body up and down to control direction. After you repeat these two easy steps, your skills will improve, and you can learn many other techniques.

There are lots of benefits you can gain by skiing, and it’s not only because it’s fun. First, you can ski for a long time. A soccer match takes an hour and a half. A basketball match takes forty minutes. But even beginners can ski for several hours. Second, it is a sport that both beginners and professionals can enjoy because of so many techniques you can master in levels. The last and the most important benefit of all is that you don’t need another person to play the sport. This also means when you’re skiing, your team is the pole, the stick, and yourself.

Skiing has changed and evolved very much since it was first invented in Russia. And nowadays, skiing has become a popular sport that everyone can enjoy—from little kids to elderly people. I believe that this is the reason why skiing could be loved for hundreds of years.


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