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Do you like board games? Board games are good for having fun with your friends and family. There are many types of board games, but I especially like the game named Ubongo. It is a game in which you must match puzzles in one minute and earn points to win.

If you open the box, you will see puzzles, colored rocks, dice, and a sandglass. Before you start the game, you need to pull out the puzzle pieces. Each person gets to have one pack of puzzle pieces. Then you can put the colored rocks in the black pocket. Lastly, pull out the dice and the sandglass.

Now, you can start the game. Pull out the puzzle plates. There should be one for each person. Roll the dice and turn over the sandglass. There will be a picture on the dice. Find the same picture on the puzzle plate. You will see the image of puzzle pieces. You can only use those pieces to complete the puzzle. If you get to finish the puzzle before the time ends, you get to pick one colored rock inside the black pocket without looking. There are four kinds of colored rocks: red means four points, blue is three, green is two, and yellow gives one point. The first one who finishes the puzzle can get one more blue rock. The second gets one more yellow rock. Do this ten times. After that, add all your points. The person with the most points is the winner!

If you plan Ubongo, you can feel very excited when you complete the puzzle and pick the rock. When you pick the red rock, you will feel very happy because that is the rock with the most points. I love these good feelings, and this is one of the most fun parts of the game. I think many other people will love this game just like myself.


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