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Seodaemun Prison

February 12, 2020

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In summer vacation, we do lots of things. We play, rest, visit a place or we do our homework. I also did lots of things during my vacation. What did y...

Christmas, it’s very jolly!
The people are very cheery

-and the snowman’s nose is made of cherry.
That kid is eating jelly,
and the fisherman has som...

Do you have a family member you want to talk about?

I have!

My dad is a super-duper great dad. So I’m going to write about my dad’s past and how became...

Hello, my name is Sally.

I’m in the 6th grade now. Today I want to tell you about our school’s rules, lunches, and class time.

First, I’ll tell you abou...

             Have you ever thought about what would be the perfect school for you? Has there been anything about school that bothered you? Well, the s...

A million US dollars is about 1,194,000,000 Korean won. 
What would you do with that kind of money? Will you spend it for yourself? Or, will you donat...


There was a mouse named Molly. He had an unusually long tail. It was twice as long as others’ t...

I think a good teacher should be clever with helping students out. Also teachers should be nice and kind. Plus, they should say good words and give st...

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