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  • Yujin Oh (Grade 4) Yeoksam

Metha's Moral

On a hot summer day, everything was normal in the woods. Then a very loud shriek came from the big, large Paisha house. The spoiled little girl was begging for a pet. It was her birthday. She was spoiled because her family was very rich. Her father always stayed away, except for Metha Paisha’s birthdays because of his work. Her mother only wanted to go to parties so she did not want to take care of Metha. So Metha did not even go to school or even learn how to read or even write! So she wrote her first letter in her teenage years.

She was fourteen when she wrote her first letter. A persuasive letter. She only wrote “I want a cat.” She even wrote cat wrong. She spelled it k-a-t. It did give her a cat. She loved it and her dad loved it too. He loved it because it was his only real friend. He even named it “My Little Jewel.” Metha was so angry.

“Why does dad like that cat more than me”? thought Metha. Her father wasn’t giving any attention to her. But she wanted all the attention so she shrieked and took the cat away and locked her bedroom door. Her father knew that Metha was very spoiled and thought she was going to hurt the cat and planned to fly away with it to his vacation. This time he said he will stay for three years. He wouldn’t have friends so he wanted the cat to come with him.

“Jewel, you are going to go on a very exciting journey!”

Metha overheard. So the night before dad flew away, Metha hid the cat in the attic where her dad couldn’t look because he did not have the key. Only Metha had it. Dad thought mom took it and killed it for fur. Her mother loved fur. Her father was so sad he wanted to die. He lost his best friend. It felt like someone died and that someone was a person you love. So he left for his vacation without saying goodbye.

Metha wrote every apology letter to her dad. She even sent one of the kittens that “My Little Jewel” had. It looked just like its mom. Her father was so touched, so he came before Metha’s birthday and said that he went away not for his vacation, but to fix her temper and her spoiled ways. She never forgot that moral: Nothing is better than your family’s love.

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