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  • Regina Kim (Grade 4) Cheongdam

Elementary Blues

Did you ever imagine having so much homework that they were piled up to the ceiling and you have to complete them within a week? You could suffer from stress but I didn’t because I managed to handle them within two days. If you can’t trust me, I will prove it to you. I can actually handle all the homework because of my brain and my hands. I’m used to doing so much homework so I don’t get stressed out.

On the other hand, the major problem is the school homework. Since I go to 18 academies, I have to complete all the homework they give me. Therefore, I don’t have sufficient time to do my school homework. You might think there will be lots of school homework but there is only journal writing. However, I have to write two journals a week and my teacher checks them closely so I detest journal writing. My teacher sees how I write my journal so then she will know more about me. There was a time, I didn’t do my journal homework so my teacher made me bring snacks for everyone. Therefore, my mom punished me for spending money to buy the snacks.

Another concern that I have is Tony. He is my litter brother and he is two years younger than me. He is a tattle tale and a big fat gaming addict. I wish I could sell him and live happily with my parents. Even though he didn’t do his homework, he lied to mom that he did his homework and I got punished just because I didn’t take a good care of him. Also when my mom is away, he plays games and tells mom that I also played too. Therefore, I get more trouble than my brother. He even eats so much that he steals my snack. For these reasons, I have no idea how to deal with my little brother.

Furthermore, almost everyone in the elementary school plays with their friends. Since I don’t have a best friend, I’m always concerned about friendship. Most of my friends have time to visit each other’s house and have pajama parties, but I can’t do any of that. I have to deal with all the assignments from 18 academies so I have no choice but to finish them. Due to this problem, I feel lonely. Most of all, my friends have phones so they could contact each other, but I’m the only one who doesn’t have a phone. Isn’t that awful?

To sum up, these are my concerns that bothers me all the time. I am having a very tough life, which no one knows. They don’t believe me when I tell them my concerns. Therefore, I wonder how I will get rid of all the concerns and live peacefully.

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