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  • Monica Lee (Jangan)

6.25 Korean War

The 6.25 war is the most recent war in Korea. Since it is recent, there are many people who have experienced it. The 6.25 war has brought us lots of harm. Such as separated families, and so many deaths of innocent citizens and soldiers. Today, Korea is a divided country because of the 6.25 war.


The 6.25 war is a pitiful war that attacked the people who have been the same part of their own country. The 6.25 war, also known as ‘The Korean War’ in America, was started by North Korea. After Korea had become independent in 1945, Korea planned to build a government by doing a general election, getting help from the U.S. and Russia. However, North Korea opposed it, so only South Korea had an election. Eventually, two governments were built in just one country, and Korea became divided after that. North Korea knew that South Korea’s military strength, at the time, was less than theirs. So, North Korea had persuaded China and Russia to help, and started the 6.25 war.


The 6.25 war started on June 25th, 1950 at 4 a.m. by North Korea. South Korea’s soldiers were all asleep at that time, so they could not respond well to North Korea’s attack. Seoul was invaded in only three days after the first attack. South Korea had to go south, toward Busan. About a month later, even with the UN country’s help, South Korea had to retreat till the Nak-dong River, which is close to Busan. U.S’s chief, Duglas MacArthur, planned a landing operation to Incheon. He thought that if he succeeded in landing in Incheon, South Korea could take back Seoul again, and he was right. After the landing operation, South Korea went up about to the north border of Korea, but they met the Chinese soldiers. There were too many Chinese soldiers for South Korea’s and UN’s soldiers to fight against, so they retreated once again till the borders which we currently have. About a few months after China joined the 6.25 war, the truce agreement had started. By then, both countries’ people were tired of the war. The truce agreement was held for almost two years. Each country’s soldiers still fighting for two years near the borders, finally the war was finished.


6.25 war had given us many negative effects. Separated families had formed everywhere in Korea. There were lots of innocent people who were sacrificed. Everything had been destroyed by the war. People say that the 6.25 war had turned our lives back to the Stone Age. Once, people were happy and excited with having independence, but nothing was left after everything. The 6.25 war had damaged every country that entered the war. People had realized that if they want to have unification, they had to do it in peace, no matter what. It was the only thing people could do after the war. It was such a tragedy, thinking about all the people sacrificed during the 6.25 war at many people’s expense.

The 6.25 war had given us so many pitiful stories. Lots of innocent people, about five million, had died during the war. Also, people have to remember that the war is not finished yet. It is still ongoing, just not with weapons anymore. The 6.25 war is such an unfortunate war. We have to remember that many people had to sacrifice themselves because of this war.



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