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  • JG Park (Apgujeong)

The Bug Battle

On a hot summer day, a female Allomyrina dichotoma laid an egg at the forest. The Allomyrina dichotoma continued to lay its sibling eggs. The eggs were white, but it became yellow. A caterpillar came out after two weeks. Its head was white, but it became yellow too. Then, he crawled to the soil. He liked to eat the soil, then made a tunnel. One day he felt strange. His skin had a tingly sensation. He was molting. He became a bigger and fatter caterpillar. He went deep into the soil and ate the soil all day. More days passed. He molted one more time. He was going to be a chrysalis one day. He had to be ready. He ate more and started to make a room that the chrysalis would be laid. When he finished his preparation, his skin became yellow.

Weeks later, he removed his skin and became a chrysalis. It was white, but the chrysalis became orange, then brown. He had to keep still. He wanted to wiggle and crawl out, but the chrysalis was ready. He came out of the chrysalis, but his back was white. Oh! Was he not ready? No. His back became brown like his horn. He was an allomyrina dichotoma. He was a big handsome male. He flew eagerly to a sap. He was very hungry. The sap already had an occupant. It was a dorcus hopei. He was hungry too. He looked strong but allomyrina dichotoma was powerful too.

He had to battle the dorcus hopei. The battle began. They were all very hard working to eat the sap. It was sweet and delicious for the beetles. Dorcus hopei lifted up the allomyrina dichotoma but he didn’t lose. He lifted up Dorcus hopei and threw him to another tree.

He didn’t know he had such a strong power. He won. He was very tired. His body hurt very much. When he ate the sap, he felt himself getting better and better. It was sweet. It felt like candy. He ate all the sap from the tree. He flew away from the forest with his strong wings to find more sap.

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