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  • Kyu Chan Lee (Grade 6) Gangnam

Everything About Dodgeball

Today I will tell everything I know about dodgeball. I am telling about dodgeball because dodgeball is my favorite sport. After reading my blog, you will know the history of dodgeball, dodgeball rules, scoring methods and my personal experience of playing dodgeball.

First, I will tell you about the history of dodgeball. Dodgeball was played in Africa over two hundred years ago, but instead of fun, it was a deadly game. They used large rocks to injure the players. Dr. James saw what was happening. He changed the rock to a leather ball. In 1884, St. Mary’s College played host to a number of their colleagues from Yale University. Included within that party was Phillip Ferguson. Philip Ferguson is generally regarded as the person most responsible for taking dodgeball over to America and popularising it.

Second, I will tell you about dodgeball rules. There are three main rules. First, there are four players in each team. Second, no substitutions will be allowed once a game has started, except for injuries. The last, there is ten minutes time limit. Now I will explain the other rules of dodgeball. Each team starts with one ball once the play begins. There is a five seconds grace period after the initial rush before balls can be thrown. Each team member must start with one hand on their back wall. Play begins on the referee’s signal of “Go” and “Dodge” after the five seconds period after the initial rush.

Now I will explain how you can get points when you play dodgeball. When you play dodgeball, you should hit your opponent with the ball. When your opponent is hit and the ball is not caught, that opponent will be eliminated. But then that opponent will try and hit you in your back. When all the players from opposing team are eliminated, your team wins!

Lastly, I will tell about my personal experience of playing dodgeball. My teacher told me once to play dodgeball and that was my first time that I played dodgeball. It happened when I was in first grade. Next, I will explain why dodgeball is my favorite sport. I like dodgeball because when I hit someone with the ball, I get achievement and also when someone shoots the ball at me and I don’t get hit, I get achievement, too.

There are many interesting things to know about dodgeball. When you have few friends to play with, go out and play dodgeball!

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