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  • Amy Kee (4th Grade) Bangbae


Hello, Everyone! My name is Amy Kee. Today I will write about my favorite board game named 'Jumanji'.

'Jumanji' is a board game that is super dangerous. Everything happens like in a real life. This board game became known by the movie named 'Jumanji'. It is not a real game but, because of the movie, it became my best board game. Read my writing and please go to your computer and search 'Jumanji’.

'Jumanji' is the scariest and the most dangerous board game in the world. When you start this game, one thing you really need to remember is "FINISH THE GAME". In this game, there will be a lot of hard things, such as horror, murder, death, get captured or stuck in the forest, beast of pry moving all around, and everything will try to kill you. But you must run away and think just one thing. Roll a dice and run away from that place.

If you die, then just wish that your friend will finish the game too. Even if your friend dies, you wouldn’t have time to be just sad, because you can’t stop playing the game. You must roll the dice again and again till the game is over. If the game is over, everything will return to the beginning where you started. So, if you are playing this board game, you must remember to FINISH THE GAME!

Characters: There are many characters but the main characters are Allen, Sara, Judy, and Peter. These characters have many stories. Allen is a weak and poor boy but who has rich parents. But his mother and father were always strict. Also Allen and his father always had a fight. Sara is Allen's girlfriend. Judy and Peter are a siblings. Their mom died when they were young, so they are living with their aunt. Their aunt is so busy and doesn’t have much money, but she is always kind to them.

The reasons why I like this game: I like the movie and the board game because it is very thrilling and scary but many parts are touching. Also this game is very dangerous to play so that's why I like this board game and the movie as well.

I recommend you to watch 'Jumanji' first before playing this game. Don’t be afraid of what will happen in the game, but just remember, FINISH THE GAME!

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