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Do you know board games? Board games are fun games that need a board. Card games can’t be board games. I think Quoridor is the greatest board game of all history. Now I will tell you Quoridor’s rules, why I play this game, and why it is my favorite.

Quoridor is played on a game board of 9 x 9 small squares. Each player gets a small pawn. We start the game with the pawns all on the middle and end when a player reaches one edge of the board. If one player goes to the opposite edge, that player wins. There are 10 walls too. The walls are two-space wide dominos. Walls block pawns, and pawns must go around it. Walls cannot be moved. On a turn, the player can move their pawn or a wall. If the pawns are facing each other, the pawn can jump another pawn. If there’s a wall on the back, we cannot jump.

Do you know why I play this game? I got Quoridor for my seventh birthday and didn’t play if for 4 years. When it was my tenth birthday, I found this game inside an old closet. My mom found the game’s rules in online. The rule sheet was all in German. My mom told me how to play this game, and my mom, my dad, my little brother, and I played this game and it was very fun so it became my favorite game.

I like Quoridor because you can block others. Many games don’t make mazes and use dominos to block others. Second, the game play is short. While Blue Marble (Korean version Monopoly) plays one game, Quoridor can be played around 4 ~ 5 games. Finally, it is very fun. If you play this game, you get excited because there are many tricks to use.

I think Quoridor is a fun and focusing game. We have to focus while playing this game. We learn how to focus and team work.

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