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  • JG Park (Grade 4) Apgujeong

Dinosaurs are Alive!

The title of the board game is ‘Dinosaur are alive!’ This board game is similar to Monopoly and Brue Marble. You play by buying the dinosaur cards and win the game. There is money called ‘Al’ in this game. It can help in buying dinosaurs. Al is paper money. There are 10 Al, 50Al, 100Al and 200Al in the paper money.

This game starts like this: First, play rock, scissors and paper then choose the order of the players. It is to decide who will roll the dice two times. Second, open the game and get 1000Al (Each person gets 1000Al). 3. Roll the dices from the winner to loser. You roll two times (there are two dices). 4. You start from the start and move the spaces that are in the dices (If you get 4 and five, you move 9 spaces). 5. When all the people go 300 spaces, stop there and get 100 Al. 6. If you stop at the dinosaur written box, you could buy them 240 Al or 180 Al. if you bought them, it’s your land and whoever stops at the same dinosaur written space again has to give 60Al or 80Al to you. If everybody bought all the dinosaurs, the game ends. The winner should have the most dinosaur cards. The loser has to get the punishment that the winner gives.

If somebody goes on the fortune-space get the fortune card, read the card says to get 60Al, get and if you get the unfortunate-card, your dinosaurs are all dead. If someone stops at the cave, he can’t roll the dices for 3 times. If someone goes to maze, the maze starts. In the maze, you only roll 1 dice instead of two. If the maze ends the person gets 200Al and gets a fortune card. After he/she gets out, he/she can use 2 dices again.

If you want to win, you should buy almost all dinosaur cards and go the maze many times. If you get a lot of cards, it’s good too. If you have a lot of money (Al) and spend them only in dinosaurs, then, the game will end and you will 100% win.

I hope you play this game and have fun. You have to win!

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