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My Trip to Canada

The best trip I went to was Canada! I want to introduce this country to you because I really, really liked it there. First, in Canada the food was better than Korea because the lobster was very, very!! delicious but it is pretty expensive though. In a typical Canadian house they eat sandwiches or some simple things for breakfast. Also they eat dinner like buffet. They settle down the food on the big pots or something similar, and they scoop the food onto their plates.

Secondly, in Canada the people are very nice because they hold the door for people who are coming toward the door. In Korea the people are sensitive, but Canadians are not sensitive that much, so Canadians are very kind. Finally, in Canada there are lots of places to visit! ^ ^

The best place I liked was Niagara Falls. We sailed on a boat to the bottom of Niagara Falls too. The water washed my foot because the water waves were strong. It was pretty cold but it was fun ^ ^ Near Niagara Falls there was the smallest church in the world! Inside there waere 6 double seats and bibles.

The second best place I liked to visit was Quebec!! In Quebec the Korean drama called 도깨비 was shot there. I took a picture where the main characters acted. It was amazing to see! Also I saw cliffs too!! It was kind of scary but amazing. I wish I can go there again with my family! ^ ^

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