• Sunwoo Lee (Grade 6) Yeoksam


Most of people are very busy to think about weather and wind, so they don’t appreciate how great the wind is. I’ll show how wonderful it is.


Every season, four different kinds of wind blow.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Wind brings some special presents.

Special presents that we don’t know well.

Special presents that make us happy.

Spring, a season of starting,

Warm breeze tickles my nose.

Spring gives us,

Warm sunlight, beautiful flowers, sweet spring rain.

Few insects flying to get some honey.

Don’t they make us feel good?

Spring wind makes us to think about amazing nature.

Spring wind makes us to think about wonderful nature.

Especially, spring makes us to think about summer.

Interesting summer…

Summer, a season of hot air

Gentle wind blows from the sea.

Cool wind gives us smile.

When cool wind blows, people enjoy swimming at the beach.

When cool wind blows, people enjoy playing sports.

Summer wind gives people smile and freedom.

Summer’s small wind brings people’s smile and happiness.

Summer’s small wind kicks out people’s sadness.

When people are tired of summer’s hot weather,

Autumn is waiting for…


Autumn, a season of cool breeze

Mostly warm but cold, soft but rough wind blows.

When cool gentle wind blows,

Everyone will smile and some people will say

“Thank you”

Wind makes people see falling leaves.

Wind makes people hear sound of leaves stepping.

Cool and soft, warm and gentle wind

Autumn wind has many feelings.

Autumn wind makes people think.

Feel fresh air!

Air becomes cold and cold and cold.

Wind becomes stronger and rough and cold

Finally, winter is coming…

Winter, the season of fierce wind

Strong winter wind blows.

Every house closes the window.

When beautiful white snow falls down from the sky,

Every child opens the window and plays outside.

With the wind…

Winter wind makes people sad and angry.

Winter wind makes people joyful and happy.

When people are tired of cold wind,

They will know that

Next season

Spring is coming towards us.

Four different kinds of wind makes us smile.

Four different kinds of wind makes us happy.

They made us think about nature’s grandeur.

Warm, cool, breezy, cold wind

Soft, gentle, rough, snowy wind

We have to say thank you to our four seasons.

We have to say thank you to our four different


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