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  • Alice Kim (Ichon)

Being a Sixth Grader

There are differences between my 6th grade life and 5th grade life. I want to write an essay about differences in my school life.

First, my 6th grade life is isn't over and it started a few month ago, it is a little bit hard. My class has lots of new kids. I am always shy with new people so it is quite awkward and it takes times to be comfortable. I have a group of friends but I am not relaxed yet but I think 6th grade's class is not that hard if I compare with my 5th grade.

Second, I think my 5th grade life was enjoyable. I liked my homeroom teacher. It was great when I stayed with my classmates and I also played fun activities.

Third, my 6th grade life is little bit weird because it is now only the beginning. My 5th grade was easier to me since there was a good homeroom teacher and many friends that I know. However, I think my 6th grade will be better in future if I try getting used to the new class.

In conclusion, I think there are some differences between my 6th grade life and 5th grade life as I introduced in my essay.

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