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  • Jenny Choi (Grade 7) Ichon Branch


Last Friday, I watched a TV program called ‘The Little House in the Forest’ In this program, the protagonists carry out a daily minimal life mission. When I watched this, I wondered about what is a minimal life, and minimalism.

These days, people buy things thoughtlessly and spend lots of money. Scientists say, people actually only use 20% of their stuff. So, if you buy more stuff, then your house will get messy and you are just wasting your money. Then how can we solve these problems? A minimalistic life style help you. Minimalism is the culture of simplicity. The minimal life asks of you to a simple life and reduce the number of things you own. Doing this will make your house cleaner, less dusty, and make you feel much more comfortable than before because you will be left with important stuff, and a clean house will make you feel better than a messy house. Also, you can have more space to use, and you can concentrate more on your work. In fact, people concentrate better in a clean place than a messy, busy place.

Then, how can we practice the minimal life?

First, you have to bravely get rid of your stuff. If you don’t have brave heart, maybe it will be difficult to do it. Second, you can donate your clothes or things to charity. You can feel proud, and it would be better than throwing it away, and you can help poor people. Lastly, you can exchange it. For example, if you need a camera, but you don’t have one, then you can exchange your stuff for a camera.

I recommend practicing minimalism. I think it is a very useful lifestyle. You don’t have to clean that much, and you can concentrate better on your work! I hope you guys try the lifestyle of minimalism.

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