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  • Seonwoo Lee (G6) Yeoksam

Movie Review: Wolf Children

Have you ever heard about a movie named, "Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki"? It's a Japanese movie and its real name is "Okami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki." It came out in Japan and it was directed by Mamoru Hosoda. This story is about a young mother Hana and her two half-werewolf children Yuki and Ame. Hana falls in love with a werewolf, but he dies and Hana has to raise two werewolves.

In Tokyo, Japan, Hana who is a college student falls in love with a werewolf and has two children with him. Sadly, their father dies in an accident while hunting food for them. Her life as a single mother with two werewolves is difficult. Ame and Yuki switch from wolf to human anytime they want to, so Hana has to hide them in the countryside. But Yuki and Ame have to go to school, so they have to hide that they're werewolves.

When Yuki starts fourth grade, a new student Souhei transfers to Yuki's class. Yuki accidentally injures him but Souhei protects her which makes them become friends. A few years later when Yuki becomes sixth grade, strong wind gathers and Ame disappears into the forest. Hana searches the forest, but she has to let him go to the mountain and be a wolf. Yuki thinks she has to stay with Hana. When she graduates elementary school, she has to leave home because of her boarding school. Still Hana is living there alone.

The main characters of this movie are Yuki, Ame, and Hana. Also they are my favorite characters in this movie. I'll introduce these three characters. Hana is the mother of Yuki and Ame. When she is a college student, she meets a werewolf. They don't get married but they have children. Hana loses her husband, so she decides to be a perfect mother for them. A few years later, she has to let Ame go and be a wolf. Her life as a single mother is challenging.

Next character is Yuki. Yuki is Hana's first child. When she was young, she was strong, and always had energy. After she injures someone, she decides to be a human forever. Now her power as a wolf is weaker than Ame, so she can't be a wolf. She has to leave her mom because of going to boarding school. Ame, a son of Hana and a younger brother of Yuki was weaker than Yuki when he was young. At school, his friends tease him but after meeting a new teacher, he becomes strong and big. He leaves his family because of his teacher Fox who gets sick. Ame decides to become a real wolf.

After watching this movie, I was deeply touched. It was fun and dramatic, because Hana didn't five up when her husband died suddenly and tried to be a perfect mother for Yuki and Ame. I was really impressed when Yuki said she could notice her mother's smile was full of happiness, love, and proud.

To me, in the end, it was a little bit sad but I like this movie because it's funny and cute. My favorite scene was when young Yuki messed up her room and sitting in the middle of it with the wolf form. It made me laugh. I want to share my happiness and feelings. If I can give stars, I'll give five stars. It is now my favorite movie!

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