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The Courageous Mouse Princess

In the country of mice, there were a king and a queen. The country was peaceful, but was once brutally attacked by rats. One day, the mouse king and queen had a baby. No one knew that the princess would make the country a safe place.

Two years later, a princess was born in the country of rats. The rats thought, since there wasn’t any prince in either of the countries, they should take over the country of mice. The rumor reached the country of mice. From then on, all the mice started learning how to use bows and make arrows. And some of the mice in the military learned how to use guns and swords to fight. And of course, the royal mice family learned how to use the weapons, too. But the one who concentrated the most was the princess. Every night, every mouse practiced and trained in fear.

One rainy night, the rat king thought the mice would be sleeping. So they decided to attack them. But the mice were actually practicing like always. Unfortunately, the sudden attack had killed them one by one and many mice died. The king and queen were so devastated that they couldn’t do anything.

When everyone was running for their lives, the princess got a piece of cloth, a tiny bow and some arrows. She went to the king and said she would go fight for her country. The king immediately rejected this request, but nothing could stop the brave princess from protecting her country in a desperate time like this. The king saw his only daughter run out to die for her country. He was filled with sorrow and guilt.

The princess wrapped the cloth over her head to cover her identity and quickly ran to the top of the castle. She scanned through the fighting soldiers and spotted the rat king. She squinted hard and shot an arrow at him. It didn’t miss and he fell down in a snap.

After the rat king died, every rat went back to their country. The heroic princess came back to her father. The king was still crying. She told him that she was okay and the country was safe now. The king gave her a warm hug and his tears poured down silently. And the country of mice lived happily ever after in peace.

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