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  • Elly (G6) Yeoksam

My Life When I Win the Lottery

Today, I woke up by my manager's shake. She was screaming with Joy.

"You have won the..." said my manager, Jimin Jin.

"Lottery?" I asked.

"Yes!" shouted Jimin.

Then my phone rang. The message said, 'You have got the million dollars. Congratulations!'

Jimin and I went to the shop and put some make up on my face and went to the Incheon Airport. We bought handbags and clothes. I met my fans and gave my autographs. We bought tickets to go to Bora Bora.

Jimin and I lay down on the first class seats. It was so comfortable. When we landed, we went to the hotel quickly and slept. Next morning, Jimin and I went outside and swam in the ocean. We saw turtles and many beautiful fish. I was so happy and proud.

After we finish swimming, we went to a big restaurant and ate seafood. We went to the shopping mall and bought lots of pretty clothes and delicious looking foods.

Jimin and I came back to Korea. Even though we used money very much, still quite much money was left in my wallet. So I shared some money with my parents. I only gave them 100 dollars each and I flew to Jeju Island. I have always wanted to go to Jeju Island.

First, I ate Jeju oranges and Jeju chocolate. They were so delicious. I went to ride a horse because I liked to try riding a horse. On the first day, I rode a horse on a dangerous road. It was a little scary, but it was really fun! After riding a horse, I went to the hotel and rested.

After I took some rest, it became dark. So I swam only for a few minutes in the swimming pool and checked out. I went to the airport in Jeju and flew back to Seoul.

I went on a trip two more times, but still, there was some money left. So I decided to donate some money for the poor African kids. But I didn't give any money to my family because if I give them money in the first place, they will probably keep asking me to give more money.

After using up the million dollars, still I would have a happy life. Since my job is a singer and my brother is a CEO of Samsung, I wouldn't have any problems for living.

This was a happy and fun trip.

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