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  • Ashley (Jangan Branch)

Dinosaur Love Story

It was about 277 million years ago, a dinosaur named Brachiosaurus was sleeping peacefully in a beautiful forest. She was a herbivorous dinosaur who had lots of fear.

One day, the sound of loud footsteps woke Brachiosaurus up, something was coming near her. When she opened her eyes, she saw the worst living nightmare she could ever bare. A tyrannosaurus, the fiercest dinosaur of all kinds, was getting closer and closer to her. She was terrified. She ran away as fast as she could!

She ran until there was no sight of Tyrannosaurus, took a deep breath in between a cave and a big tree. Tyrannosaurus, however, was watching her with a smile and a bouquet in his tiny hands.

The next morning, Brachiosaurus forgot about everything that happened the day before as usual. She had satisfying breakfast of fresh leaves from the big tree. She walked around in ease, until she saw a pile of dinosaur bones next to a cave and Tyrannosaurus…

Heavy eyelids lay firmly on her eyes, but the foul smell of rotten meat woke her up completely. Tyrannosaurus was next to her, holding her long neck with his tiny arm. He leaned forward and asked her in a sweet voice, “Hello, nice to meet you. I am Tyrannosaurus, owner of this cave. It’s almost dinner time…” She interrupted in a petrified voice, “Go..go away!” Tyrannosaurus just watched her leave in silence, but his crush for her grew stronger than ever.

One afternoon, Tyrannosaurus was looking for Brachiosaurus to give her the bouquet and propose. When he found her, there was handsome Triceratops, giving her an apple. Bad tempered Tyrannosaurus was so mad. His roar shook the whole forest and he charged towards him in full speed. He snatched the apple from Triceratops and swallowed it in less than a second. He looked furious but was standing there oddly still.

It was actually Triceratops’s master plan to kill Tyrannosaurus with the poisoned apple. He wanted to be the king of dinosaurs! Just like that, the fiercest dinosaur fell on the ground, without a sign of life. Furious Brachiosaurus jumped as high as she could and landed herself on Triceratops. She slowly walked toward Tyrannosaurus and looked at the bouquet in great sorrow. It was too late but she realized she just lost the love of her life..

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