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  • Wikey (Grade 6) Apgujeong


Madagascar is the island that has lots new creatures. Among those animals, there is a strange creature, and that animal called “fossa”.

A fossa is an animal that has claws like a cat, a long tail like a monkey and round little ears with a body like a weasel. So many people were confused about this animal. The fossa is similar with the cat, but the fossa closely related to the mongoose. Their fur is short and brown, and their tails are long as a half of their body like monkey.

A fossa lives in Madagascar. They use the branches to build their own houses near the lake, because they need to hunt their food at the lake. But when it rains, they throw away their house and find the cave. After the rain finishes, they come out of their caves and start to build their houses again.

Fossa is a meat eating animal. They usually eat the fish, but often they can catch animals that are bigger than their selves like deer. They use their sharp teeth to bite their legs, so when they cannot move they start to eat.

So I think fossa is a special animal, and I think they will be endanger soon.

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