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  • Eileen Jin (Grade 5) Gangnam

My Own Apartment

Today, my topic is “My Own Apartment”. I chose this topic because sometimes I think about my own apartment. So then today I will write about good things and bad things of having my own apartment.

First, I think having my own apartment is good. I think it’s good because I can design the apartment myself, like put pink blinders or place orange sofa. Parents can’t stop me from doing that because it’s my own apartment. Also, I think it’s good because I can get a dog or some other pets. One of the reasons my parents say I can’t get a pet is because our house is too small or that it will be messy.

Well, my brother will not annoy me because I don’t have to see him when I’m in my own apartment. My mom can’t punish me, too. I can play with my friends for the whole night because it’s my own apartment.

However, I think having my own apartment has negative sides, too. I think that way because I will be scared on a rainy day or in a dark night. I swill be scared because I am sacred of ghosts. Also, I will be bored. Of course, I can read books or draw, but I think playing with my family is more fun thig to do. I think I will fall in deep desolation if I am alone in my apartment because I will miss my parents.

My final thought is I will not live in my own apartment. I will not leave my parents because I think the good things are easier to sacrifice. I think good things are not that important compared to negative things.

In conclusion, I think there are lots of good things and lots of bad things if I have my own apartment. I will live in my own apartment when I will be grown up.

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