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  • Jenny (Grade 7) Ichon Branch

The Importance of a Good Education System

Education is necessary on our lives. You can live without education, but there will be many difficulties. For example, when a company chooses employees, they try to recruit people with good education. Not a person who is uneducated. Like this, education plays a very big role in our lives so it is important to get good education and to

give good education as well, because of their big impact in our lives.

Many other countries are surprised at Korean educational standards. There are some videos that show many foreigners taking the Korean college Scholastic Ability Test, and having a hard time. While watching those video, I thought that many people will think that Korean students are very clever. But on the contrary, I wonder if this test is too hard, and if it really helps us to go to other countries. As you can see, there are many problems with Korean education.The educational situation in Korea is a bit shocking because children go to private academies everyday. Coding, math, language, English, piano, art, and many more. We think education is to make engineers or professors in the future, but that is not helpful to children. They have to concentrate on their work, but they have to study over 10 things at once, and education is Korea never waits. However, it has to wait until the children solve the problems by themselves so they get better, but they only teach the formula, and not the concepts, to solve the problem quickly. That is why Korean students are not good at answering applied problems. They just memorize the formula, but do not really understand the concept very well. Out of all the OECD countries, Korea’s grades are always on top, but Korea’s college rankings are not even in the top 10. This can be called a very unuseful education.

If we continue, educating like this, the country will not develop. So, Korean government should work hard and think about our education. For example, give more time for children so they can solve the problems by themselves, or keep asking them to think. Also, they should develop storytelling problems and get children interested in learning.

I wish the Korean education system would be better as a current student in Korea, so our country is known for a good education system in the world.

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