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  • Alice (Jangan)

If I Were a Principal

Students have to follow many rules at school. And some of the rules make students feel bad sometimes. We get penalty points or get scolded for not following the rules. I also feel bad when I'm being criticized for various reasons or sometimes for inappropriate reasons at school. So I would like to make some changes as a principal.

If I were a principal, I would get rid of school uniforms first. School uniforms can be expensive for some students, and they become very uncomfortable after a long day at school. It also infringes on students' freedom to dress up according to their own tastes.

Next, I would remove the rule of no snacks in school. Students should be allowed to eat snacks whenever they feel hungry. Our school does not have a mini market for students and we are not allowed to bring our own food in, even soft drinks and juice. Students should feel the joy of sharing snacks with their friends. For these reasons, I would allow having snacks in the classrooms.

I would also change the rules regarding students' hairstyles. We are not allowed to dye or perm our hair. Each student's hairstyle shows his or her individuality. Banning this will discourage students from fully expressing themselves and their creativity. Therefore, I would loosen the hair policy in my school.

Schools should consider students’ side more when listing rules. In my opinion, students should receive more support and respect on their ideas and opinions. To sum up, students would be able to study in a much more positive and encouraging environment with my three new changes.

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